Hair & Senses is a specialised hair transplant clinic founded with the aim of providing best treatment and services possible to all without undue expensiveness. We make great efforts in understanding the problem and needs of the patients and work hard to achieve and provide the best results possible in the field.

With our years of experience, optimized research, modern hair restoration technologies, and team of acclaimed professionals, we take pride in our status as one of the leading hair restoration centre in India.

The doctors at our clinic realises the trauma of hair loss to the patient so they treat them with compassion and utmost sensitivity. We provide discreet and professional consultation to our patients and give them a proper and optimal treatment. We believe that the best treatment should be available at an affordable cost, that's why all the consultation visits before and after the hair transplant are free of cost.

We understand that hair loss not only affects the physical appearance but also brings in the psychological and emotional trauma to the person. Providing treatment in form of Hair transplantnot only improves the physical appearance but also rejuvenates the overall personality and the psychology of the person.