Real Estate CRM App

Mahavirrealtors is one of the upcoming real estate platforms where you can buy, sell and rent properties with ease. The app helps you get facts about properties and brings detailed information to help you narrow down your search. It guides you straight to what are you looking for with help of smart filters for example, location , type of property, area of property, prices facilities and many more.

Features that make our platform unique:

Smart filters:

Our platform brings you the most relevant property options with our smart filters to get you to property which will match your requirements.

Simple interface:

The app has simple interface which will help end user navigate with ease and is user friendly.

crm real estate app admin dashboard


Varity of options:

You get to choose from huge collection of properties listed on the platform.


Tenant Management:

This app has function in which helps you manage multiple tenants across many properties with ease.

Property Document Management:

This feature helps you to keep track of different types of documents and tell which user documents belongs to.

Broadcast System:

The app has broadcast system to send notifications to all users and keep users up to date with latest property trends or new property listings, etc.

Broadcast system

Rent transaction management:

It has a rent transaction management system which helps both owners and tenants by sending timely automatic reminders about upcoming transactions.


You can create invoice of transactions, edit invoice and can share it in pdf formats if required to do so.

invoice real estate

Property list management:

You can list properties for sale, or available for renting. You can assign categories to properties such as commercial, residential, weekend homes for ease of search and provide details which will help end user to make better decision.

Staff & Task Management:

This feature allows to add staff information in the system and assign tasks to them and track the progress of the given task.

How to use - To make event organising and ticketing process easy for end users.


Usage of

Here is a simple guide on how to use this platform for your own benefit. This will save you a lot of time and make the process easy.

Guide for Event Planners:

1) Register on ''.

2) Become an organizer on our platform.

3) Create the event by filling out necessary details. (e.g, Event title, description, time, venue, meta title)

4) Create and manage the ticketing process. (i.e, Price of ticket, number of tickets, ticket description)

5) Publish the event for customers to see.

6) Start selling the tickets to the interested audience.


Guide for Customers:

1) Sign up on ''.

2) Browse the events from various categories.

3) Choose the event which you want to attend.

4) Go to the event page to book the tickets.

5) After getting confirmation of tickets, go attend the events as per schedule.


To visit the site: - A new platform for organizing online events with ease.

To be efficient in todays growing industrial environment, it is important to have knowledge of the technology that can save your valuable time. To provide solution to this problem our team has launched 'Mentordesk' an online platform which gives simple and fast way to organise events. 

Key Points of Mentordesk


Mentordesk is an Global platform for organising online events with less difficulty. Our online system helps you create, schedule, publish events. i.e. Online events, Webinar, live classes. You can determine capacity of participants and sell tickets acoordingly. It is simple and efficient to use which will save you a lot of time. Here,Customers can browse events, register and buy tickets for online events.

How Mentordesk Works?

The Process for Organisers:

1) Create Event

2) Publish Event

3) Start Selling

Process for Organisers

The Process for Customers:

1) Choose Event

2) Get Tickets

3) Attend Event

Process for Customers

Pricing Information:

Pricing Information

To visit the site:

InspectNow - Small Contribution from team -App available free for commercial use to Fight Against COVID-19
Due to the current Lockdown in fight against COVID -19 , InspectNow is contributing in its unique way by offering InspectNow mobile app for carrying out audit and inspection as well field data collection tool which will be available free of charge for business use without any charges.
InspectNow Customer Success Story -PiscesER1 Marine goes Digital in 2020

PiscesER1 Marine - "PiscesER1 Marine is a world class IT solutions and services provider that works towards streamlining Vessel IT processes that is fast evolving as a critical” said Sandeep Kumar, Director of PiscesER1 Marine InfoTech Private Limited.

"Beacuse of fast speed growth which is from 1 client to 18 clients , 3 employees to 49 employees and from 6 ships to 130 ships today it demands to put processes in place and create needs to use technolgy to work smartly to create value for client is key priority for PiscesER1 Marine team" said Sandeep Kumar, Director of PiscesER1 Marine InfoTech Private Limited.

Team decided to give away traditional method of paper wok and setup templates, forms and workflows in   InspectNow app go paperless which saves time and reduced chances of errors.

Since then,  InspectNow  has provided PiscesER1 Marine with the flexibility and agility necessary in the background to maintain the quality of services.

Having the right tools and systems that can move as fast as you want to move is absolutely critical and need of todays world.





How it works?

PiscesER1 Marine team sets up Travel, Ship Server Configration, Vessel Visit, Vessel Visit Expense,Vessel Inspection,Software Installation,Access Rights Check,IT_Packing List Check,IT_Engg_Shore_Checklist check-list using InspectNow app.

Team fills up the check-list to make sure everything as per standard decided by company as well as client need without missing anything.

InspectNow app allows easy monitoring, quick access and hassle free maintenance of data.


It helps PiscesER1 Marine  to focus on Quality, Safety and it sets up process across multiple office in Mumbai,Singapore,Coimbatore  as well as onboard at any time.

Onboarding new employee is quick and efficient as all processes are digital everhthing at one place.

Last minutes surprise about missing documents or  visa or task has just disapeard and save a lot of man hours.

Office, Travel and Onboard processs withoupt using paper reducing to 90% of paper need allowed us to contrtibute to go green world.  Happy to be part of reducing cabon footprint and giving better future to next generation. 


Template cloning feature of InspectNow allows user to set up new check list using the existing one in minutes.
Government approval and certification made easier as all the required data available at fingertips.

Clients audits become easy and efficient as data was at one place in cloud.

App offline capabalities made life easier and fast and saved a lot of time onboard and allowed team to focus on important task instead of paper work.

Saved  thousands of hours in making reports beacuse of ready reports and analytics in InspectNow app


With clear and concise user interface, InspectNow allows user to easily set-up, fill and review the check-lists.

Monitoring and analysing data of remote Offices made easy with built in reports and analytic in InspectNow app.

Customer Engagement:
InspectNow app has built in feedback module allows PiscesER1 Marine  to receive master feedback.

Taking signature and feedback from Chief Engineer and Master helped us to undertand expecations and different needs.


Checklist, Inspections, Quick Check, Forms and Reports in InspectNow App



InspectNow Customer Success Story -Pentafood Food Chain

Pentafood - a fast food restaurant chain is launched in 2019. “We are starting a food chain and in food business, quality and hygiene is of most importance” said Harish Singh, owner of Pentafood Retail Chain.

Rather than using traditional method of filling Quality check-list on paper, Pentafood choose InspectNow.

Since then, Inspect Now has provided Pentafood with the flexibility and agility necessary in the background to maintain the quality of food.

Said Harish Singh, “Having the right tools and systems that can move as fast as you want to move is absolutely critical.”

InspectNow has added value to customer with efficiency, Quick Turn around time and Maintaining Quality in products.

Launch - Vessel Reporting System - eNauka VRS
Technological Advanced system for eNauka VRS Which is simple and easy setup in 15 minutes for ship to start sending reports to shore, 1. Create Company 2. Setup Vessel 3. Configure Ship (Machineries, Tanks, FuelTypes, Lub oild Type, Water Type, IMO, Vessel Name, Manual Sync/Auto Sync ) 4. Start Reporting (Noon At Sea, COSP, EOSP, NAEOSP)
InspectNow features

More information visit :




InspectNow, A simple but flexible tool for audit, Inspection and Checklist use.

InspectNow is an app for doing inspection audit activities using standard templates as well as custom templates created by the user itself. The app will provide support to create templates, inspection and perform inspection check from a mobile device. 

App includes,
-Offline Access
-Template creations,
-Template cloning,
-Edit template,
-Create inspection
-Edit inspection
-Sync data with the server,
-Fill inspection or answer inspection questions,
-View/ create reports for inspection
-Create Corrective actions for inspection items/ questions
-Fast and Efficient offline mode
-Ready to User Industry standard templates for inspection and audit.
-Not just inspection , Collect data and expected answers from users.
-Take photos and add text as well as Annotations to show issues or direct person to point where image is showing problems.

- Group your inspections items in sections to work efficiently.
- Add Inspection Summary to give final Verdict on Inspection.
- Generate and Send Inspection Report instantly
-Public template Library created by Internal team and Industry experts
- Auto backup to cloud
- Organizations can add users to work at one place
- Unlimited data and storage
- No Restrictions on inspections and templates creations
- Many reports formats download from web interface

 More information visit :

SOF- Statements Of Fact for shipping
Cloud Based "Statement of Fact" Zero Installation- Only Web based Url for ship and office Offline first approach -Communication cost saving Light Weight sync and only data changes sync Data History at Vessel for reference Logins for ship and office staffs Printout/ Report Formats Email Notification Events order Data push or pull for Integration with Existing system API for Mobile app and integration 3 Cloud Data Center Replications Live Vessel Port Activity Tracker. For more information and demo email at

We, OceanEagleEye, come up with a marketplace as a common platform where vendors, service providers and buyers come together to exchange their requirements and fulfil the same on common platform. Advantageously, it gives sellers and buyers scope to expand their business while they are sleeping. 

  • Online Store

  • Multi-User

  • Micro-Site
  • Enquiries
  • Product Catalogues

  • Easy To Build a Brand

  • Lead Generation

  • Global Reach

Vendor Registration

This feature allow vendors to establish their brand in current global online market.


This feature eliminate vendors need to have separate website.

Product Catalogues

This feature allow vendors to have online product showcase to display.